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FLIZZ Butyl Seamless Tube (sell in pair)

  • Sell In Pair
  • High Performance Tube
  • Flizz inner tubes are produced by the world’s leading bicycle tyre manufacturer under the strictest quality standards.They are known for their exceptionally high quality and are extremely airtight.

FLIZZ Pedals C573

RM60.00 RM54.00

The Flizz Nylon Composite flat pedal is tough and durable, having been designed to suit the versatile nature of mountain bike riding. Whether you’re trail riding for fun, or crushing downhill sections in a race, this composite flat pedal will definitely perform!

  • Nylon composite body material.
  • Chromoly steel axle.
  • Smooth and durable sealed bearing and bushing system.
  • Replaceable 16 hex traction pins (8 per side).
  • Thin and lightweight concave platform.