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7iDP M1 Full Face Protection Helmet

RM393.00 RM353.70
  • Full face downhill design
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • 17 vents provide cool air intake and heat exhaust
  • Large eye port for greater field of vision and improved goggle fit
  • Tested beyond CE, CPSC and AS standard

7iDP M5 Protection Helmet

RM265.00 RM239.00
  • Open face all mountain design
  • Deep rear head coverage
  • 14 vent ports for maximum ventilation
  • Custom 7 iDP adjustable visor
  • One hand dial adjustment fit
  • Rapid adjust chin strap
  • Complies to CE standards

BOS Deville AM 650B 150mm Tapered

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CANE CREEK EE-Brake Regular Mount Front

RM1,431.00 RM1,287.90
  • Lightweight
  • Massive stopping power
  • Razor sharp brake modulation
  • Powerful and precise control
  • Perfect cable aligment
  • Clean cable path provides superior aerodynamics
  • precession pad centering
  • Quick release
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CANE CREEK EE-Brake Regular Mount Rear

RM1,431.00 RM1,287.90
  • Lightweight
  • Massive stopping power
  • Razor sharp brake modulation
  • Powerful and precise control
  • Perfect cable aligment
  • Clean cable path provides superior aerodynamics
  • precession pad centering
  • Quick release


RM11,500.00 RM5,750.00
  • The Carrera Veleno is one of the most popular models in the Carrera range and perhaps the best value. A top level racer will appreciate the performance and responsiveness of Veleno and the recreational cyclist will love it’s lightness and comfort. With Veleno the Carrera engineers have combined technology from many models; the asymetrical chainstays to incrrease power on the drive-side to the tapered 1 1/8 x 1 1/4 headtube for improved stability and Press Fit bottom bracket. The new Veleno is routed for both electronic and mechanical shifting systems. Frame weight is 920 grams; outstanding lightness for a bike at this price. The stunning graphics of Veleno will certainly stand out in the group ride.
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  • The newest innovation from the engineers at Carrera Podium is the exciting new AR-01 model.  The AR-01 is a bicycle with no compromises; it is light, rigid and aerodynamic and its perfectly balanced weight improves the handling of this professional model.  The design offers superior lateral and torsional stiffness in order to deliver the power from each pedal stroke with no flex or deflection and with the aero tube shapes the AR-01 is the most efficient Carrera ever.
  • The IAS stem system integrates into the head tube and melds perfectly into the top tube and again improves aerodynamics.  The most important element of the AR-01 is the cyclist has 3 brake components to choose.  This model has the option of normal brake calipers, direct mount brakes or disc brake.  The frame has brake mounting points for all three styles.  There are 2 forks to choose; one for disc and one for caliper/direct mount.
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  • The Erakle TS is a stunning design with tube shapes to maximize stiffness and aerodynamics.  The beauty of carbon is the engineer can work it into shapes for specific performance elements.  The Erakle TS has large sections at the bottom bracket area for incredible lateral rigidity and the aero shapes of the seat tube and chainstays help reduce wind resistance and maintain efficient pedaling.  The head tube and fork are developed for the ultimate front end stability and the result is a professional level frame designed to handle the most strenuous race circuit.  The carbon material is T700 pre-peg carbon with 40 ton and 60 ton resistance.  Erakle TS will accept either electronic or mechanical gearing. Unique feature of Erakle is the graphic design. Called Jekyl the two sides of the frame are reversed in color. Drive side and non drive side appears like 2 different bikes


  • Phibra Evo is the iconic Carrera bicycle with it’s unique and futuristic shape and is the pinnacle of Carrera’s research, innovation and style.  The Phibra Evo is performance art and features two monocoque arches connected by an aero seat tube.  The design, Double Arc, is a proven performance feature with the ultimate combination of comfort and performance.  With Double Arc the main triangle is highly rigid and a compact structure for great lateral rigidity and power.  The continuing arcs of the chain stays and seat stays form a single piece at the rear drop out to create a responsive but comfortable ride.  The design is pure, clean and aesthetically pleasing and yields a precise, lightweight and responsive bicycle.  With Phibra Evo the cyclist chooses a unique and stylish bicycle that will not be out performed.

CERVELO C2 Disc Ultegre Road Bike

  • If you’re looking for a bike that handles both the daily commute and epic rides on the weekend, the C2 is a great choice. It combines Cervélo’s high performance pedigree with more relaxed geometry, wider tires, and a vibration-damping frame for an affordable and versatile bike.

CERVELO C3 Disc Ultegra Road Bike

  • Wider tires, vibration-damping frame, and custom geometry are combined with Cervélo’s expertise in engineering light, high-performing bikes. This is a bike that will take you where you want to go – the commute to work, a Gran Fondo, or an epic long ride on the weekend. ​
  • Geometry is designed for riders wanting to ride further, faster; the frame is tuned to smooth the ride; and wider tires (up to 32mm wide) increase comfort and traction.
  • The C3’s user-friendly features include: disc brakes compatible with all commonly used calipers and rotor sizes; thru axles for improved alignment and safety; and a down tube guard and chain stay protector to help prevent damage on mixed surfaces.
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CERVELO P2 Road Bike

  • The Cervelo P2 is one of the most iconic triathlon bikes of all time. The latest version of the P2 keeps with the Cervelo tradition of building aerodynamic AND practical triathlon frames. The fit is ideal for most athletes racing short or long course. For the dollar the P2 105 is on par with bikes twice its price and a great platform for any triathlete or time trialist.
  • The foundation of all bikes is the frame itself, and the P2 is a benchmark for most other triathlon bikes. The P2 is a full carbon fiber frame with full carbon fork. Cervelo provides riv-nuts on the top tube for a direct-mount bento box. Down tube water bottle mounts exist to address hydration needs. Cable management starts behind the stem, where both derailleur cables tuck away inside the frame, only to exit below the BB. The system is simple, clean, and works smooth. The rear wheel mounts onto horizontal dropouts. This allows you to adjust the rear wheel clearance based on tire size and personal clearance preference.
  • The full carbon proprietary Cervelo seat post mounts to the frame with a single seat post wedge. Use carbon paste and torque to about 8nm and you’ll experience no seatpost slippage. The saddle mount is infinitely adjustable in tilt, providing significant fore-aft adjustability.

CERVELO R2 Road Bike

  • The R2 reaps the benefits of Cervélo’s extensive knowledge in building stiff bikes. Careful attention is paid to stiffness at the bottom bracket and head tube to create a climbing and descending weapon. You’ll feel its rapid acceleration and confidence-boosting handling.
  • The sum of this effort is a light and stiff bike that revels on steep climbs and descents and offers aero advantages when you’re in the pace line.
  • The R2 is upgradable to any shifting system currently on the market. You can run tires up to 28mm wide, for a smoother ride. And the chain catcher will ensure you won’t drop your chain at an inopportune time – like when your friend launches a surprise attack up the hill.

CERVELO R3 Road Bike

  • The R3 is a climbing weapon. Using special carbon layup and construction techniques, we reduced the frame’s weight while making it stiffer at key points. The impressive stiffness to weight ratio means precise handling and instant feedback in speed.
  • Stiff and lightweight, with geometry that promotes stable handling, the R3 urges you to attack on the climb and push the pace on the descent. You’ll also enjoy a smooth ride, with tires up to 28mm wide and a compliant frame to absorb road vibrations.
  • The R3 features a robust chain stay protector; thru axles; future proof cable management system (compatible across all types of shifting systems); and a reduced friction bottom bracket guide.

CERVELO R5 Frame Limited Classics Edition

  • The R5 makes no compromises as an ultralight race machine first and foremost. Team Dimension Data’s World Tour riders also praise its new pro fit, stable and responsive handling, and unrivalled stiffness. No wonder Bernie Eisel calls it “the perfect bike for stage racing,” with Omar Fraile demonstrating as much by powering it to glory in the 100th Giro d’Italia.
  • The stiffest rim brake-equipped road frame we have ever produced joins forces with performance-enhancing comfort, confidence-inspiring handling, and world-class lightweight design and aerodynamics made possible by innovative new Squoval Max tube shapes.
  • The ultimate all-round race machine deserves optimal component packages to maximize performance, and the R5 delivers. A revamped handling geometry balances stability and responsiveness for a ride experience that will make your confidence soar and your rivals curse.