Cervélo P3X Ultegra DI2 2.0
Cervélo P3X Ultegra DI2 2.0
Cervélo P3X Ultegra DI2 2.0

Cervélo P3X Ultegra DI2 2.0

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Triathletes are the kings and queens of ritual. Of hyper-focus and discipline. Who revel in the complexity and details—not in one sport, but three. It’s the same attention to detail that fueled the development of our P3X. Born from advanced aero testing, this machine features an innovative silhouette, improved aerodynamics, stiffness, and cockpit construction, while providing rider-efficient fueling and travel solutions. 

It’s not UCI-legal—as you probably guessed by the shape—and it was never meant to be. It’s a triathlon bike first and foremost and meets the needs of the world’s elite triathletes.

 It’s lighter and stiffer than the P5X, it features unparalleled fit flexibility and comfort options, and integrated storage for keeping your preferred calories close at hand. That integrated storage was engineered into the frame design, as well, and effectively acts as a fairing—so even if you don’t need the calories, it’s still faster. The complicated-looking front end is adjustable with a simple hex key, and the whole bike was designed for athletes who travel regularly. Despite its superbike status, it fits nicely into a bag.

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