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EASTON Haven 711mm Aluminium Crmo


EASTON Haven 740mm Aluminium


EASTON Havoc 750mm Aluminium

RM250.00 RM225.00

FLIZZ Butyl Seamless Tube (sell in pair)

  • Sell In Pair
  • High Performance Tube
  • Flizz inner tubes are produced by the world’s leading bicycle tyre manufacturer under the strictest quality standards.They are known for their exceptionally high quality and are extremely airtight.

FLIZZ Pedals C573

RM60.00 RM54.00

The Flizz Nylon Composite flat pedal is tough and durable, having been designed to suit the versatile nature of mountain bike riding. Whether you’re trail riding for fun, or crushing downhill sections in a race, this composite flat pedal will definitely perform!

  • Nylon composite body material.
  • Chromoly steel axle.
  • Smooth and durable sealed bearing and bushing system.
  • Replaceable 16 hex traction pins (8 per side).
  • Thin and lightweight concave platform.

FUNN Tron Stem L90/100mm

  • The TRON series of stems by FUNN is designed specifically for trail riding. Made with 7000 series heat treated alloy, TRON stems combine excellent rigidity and light weight, offering all round performance for long and grueling rides.

Geometric 2in1 Balance Bike


Exercise child’s balance

The balance car is one of the toys in the growing process of every child. Cycling can help the child exercise his balance, develop his coordination and physical strength in a more comprehensive way, and exercise his reaction ability and flexibility in the process of play, making him more fond of sports.


GEOMETRIC 2in1 Children Bikes

RM199.00 RM179.10

Still remember the times when our parents bought us our very first bike? It was one of the most precious moments in our lives, and you can do the same for your kids. Our Geometric bicycle is a 2-in-1 children’s bike, a 3 wheel bike, and also a push bike. Not only can this bicycle grow alongside your kids, you can grow alongside them too, creating these precious moments on family day! Start creating memories today.

  • West Malaysia Free Shipping
  • Sabah and Sarawak Charges RM60(Sea Freight) RM135(Air Freight) Shipping Fee

Geometric Ant / Bee Design Children Bike


Why aren’t there pedals and handbrakes?
Letting children learn to ride a bicycle with their feet in the air will make them feel scared, not having enough ability to control the brake, and they may easily think that the control is not good and cause the fall, and the children are easy to give up the cycling.By combining the control characteristics of the child, the child is more likely to enjoy the sport by simply kicking the ground and stopping when he puts his feet down.

road bike Out Of Stock


RM3,200.00 RM2,700.00

The Geometric AR5 2nd generation road bike provides superb value for money. Sporting mix Shimano 105 and Shimano Ultegra components and a durable smooth welded aluminium frame. The Geometric AR5 also comes with full carbon fork for better handling efficiency and significantly saves on weight. This road bike is built with reliability in mind.

GEOMETRIC Attitude Mountain Bike 29″

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Who is this good for?
✔︎ Beginners
✔︎ Intermediate

What’s so special about this?
✔︎ Up to 10 speeds
✔︎ Shimano Deore XT (Rear Derailleur)

Why should you buy this?
✔︎ Affordable, but not forgoing quality
✔︎ Free gifts (Pedal + Helmet)

More information
Shimano has over 90 years of history of constantly developing cutting-edge technologies and products, meeting the global demand for superior quality bicycle components.


GEOMETRIC Bicycle Front Rechargeable LED Headlight

  • The bright 10W LED lamp panel,high brightness,long service life.
  • Adopt high quality polymer lithium battery,charging time can reach 1000 times.
  • Special algorithm adopted constant current drive circuit is able to achieve excellent balance between brightness and heat cooling.
  • IP65 protection grade ensures that it is dust proof and water resistant.
  • It has a total of 6 LED modes (3 levels or brightness and 3 types of strobe effect).

GEOMETRIC Bottle w/Cage 600ml

RM16.00 RM14.40
  • 600ml
  • Odorless, soft and durable plastic material