RoyalBaby Folding Scooter

  • Aluminium adjustable 3 positions T-bar, heights up to 84cm.
  • Double thick back wheel: easy to balance, more stable and safe to ride.
  • Easy step-on rear back wheel brake.
  • Easy pulling-folding mechanism. Assembly free, foldable, light weights 3.4 kg, easy to carry and convenient to store.
  • Tilt and turn system makes it easy to ride and get around bends
  • Strong new designed streamline deck, maximum carrying weights: 50 kg
  • Spin and flash front back wheel makes maximum fun during the riding.
  • Age: 3+( recommend 5-12 years)

RoyalBaby Bunny Girl

  • Frame/fork: Pulse TIG welded steel 1.2mm frame and BMX TIG welded steel fork available in pink or Fuchsia and in frame sizes 12-14-16-18 inch
  • Wheels/tires: steel 20 hole rims with rubber wide 2.125 inch knobby tires
  • Drivetrain: enclosed chain guard, non-slip resin pedals with reflectors and one piece crank
  • Brakes/Cockpit: front caliper/rear coaster brake, special kids size brake lever, Kraton soft rubber grips, special juvenile saddle, QR seatpost clamp
  • Includes: Basket, bell, cute handelbar bows, assembly tools, kickstand and HEAVY DUTY training wheels

RoyalBaby Space Shuttle

  • Frame/Fork: The lightweight magnesium frame and durable steel front fork make for the perfect combination of lightness and strength
  • Wheels/Tires: One-piece magnesium rims, knobby 14×2.4″ wide tires
  • Drivetrain: A sturdy single-speed system with a one-piece crankset and a ball-bearing bottom bracket
  • Brakes/Cockpit:  A doubly-safe braking system with a front disc-brake and a Quando brand coaster brake
  • Includes: HEAVY-DUTY magnesium training wheel supports and all assembly tools.  The newly-patented fashionable hollowed frame with curved surface and smooth lines.  A perfect combination of modern elements and childhood dreams



That brings us to now—kind of.

Pairing 29-inch wheels with 215mm of travel makes a juggernaut of a race bike, but racing isn’t everything. Depending on the type of trails or riding style you’re into, breaking out the biggest artillery might not be ideal. Rider height also looms large when deciding which wheel size is optimal and a lot of people may opt for smaller wheels.

So we decided to make a 27.5 V10, too.

No compromises, no gimmicks, no shortcuts—it was designed in parallel to the 29er V10 as an original suspension platform and chassis. The 27.5 bike comes in Small, Medium, and Large, while the 29 comes in Medium, Large, and XL. Make your choice according to your size or riding style, and you’ll be the recipient of every bit of work and puzzling that’s gone into the Syndicate’s race bikes.


  • Phibra Evo is the iconic Carrera bicycle with it’s unique and futuristic shape and is the pinnacle of Carrera’s research, innovation and style.  The Phibra Evo is performance art and features two monocoque arches connected by an aero seat tube.  The design, Double Arc, is a proven performance feature with the ultimate combination of comfort and performance.  With Double Arc the main triangle is highly rigid and a compact structure for great lateral rigidity and power.  The continuing arcs of the chain stays and seat stays form a single piece at the rear drop out to create a responsive but comfortable ride.  The design is pure, clean and aesthetically pleasing and yields a precise, lightweight and responsive bicycle.  With Phibra Evo the cyclist chooses a unique and stylish bicycle that will not be out performed.


  • The Carrera Veleno is one of the most popular models in the Carrera range and perhaps the best value. A top level racer will appreciate the performance and responsiveness of Veleno and the recreational cyclist will love it’s lightness and comfort. With Veleno the Carrera engineers have combined technology from many models; the asymetrical chainstays to incrrease power on the drive-side to the tapered 1 1/8 x 1 1/4 headtube for improved stability and Press Fit bottom bracket. The new Veleno is routed for both electronic and mechanical shifting systems. Frame weight is 920 grams; outstanding lightness for a bike at this price. The stunning graphics of Veleno will certainly stand out in the group ride.


  • The newest innovation from the engineers at Carrera Podium is the exciting new AR-01 model.  The AR-01 is a bicycle with no compromises; it is light, rigid and aerodynamic and its perfectly balanced weight improves the handling of this professional model.  The design offers superior lateral and torsional stiffness in order to deliver the power from each pedal stroke with no flex or deflection and with the aero tube shapes the AR-01 is the most efficient Carrera ever.
  • The IAS stem system integrates into the head tube and melds perfectly into the top tube and again improves aerodynamics.  The most important element of the AR-01 is the cyclist has 3 brake components to choose.  This model has the option of normal brake calipers, direct mount brakes or disc brake.  The frame has brake mounting points for all three styles.  There are 2 forks to choose; one for disc and one for caliper/direct mount.


  • The Erakle TS is a stunning design with tube shapes to maximize stiffness and aerodynamics.  The beauty of carbon is the engineer can work it into shapes for specific performance elements.  The Erakle TS has large sections at the bottom bracket area for incredible lateral rigidity and the aero shapes of the seat tube and chainstays help reduce wind resistance and maintain efficient pedaling.  The head tube and fork are developed for the ultimate front end stability and the result is a professional level frame designed to handle the most strenuous race circuit.  The carbon material is T700 pre-peg carbon with 40 ton and 60 ton resistance.  Erakle TS will accept either electronic or mechanical gearing. Unique feature of Erakle is the graphic design. Called Jekyl the two sides of the frame are reversed in color. Drive side and non drive side appears like 2 different bikes

SANTA CRUZ 5010 2.1 CC

  • The Santa Cruz 5010 CC Bike builds on the awesome handling skills of its previous model and improves the ride even further, with a longer top tube, slacker head angle and shorter chainstays. With a more aggressive geometry than previous models, it puts the rider in the ideal position for attacking rapid descents with confidence.


  • Santa Cruz’s ultimate trail machine is more capable than ever
  • A responsive pedaling platform with 5in of VPP travel
  • Slacker, longer geometry for sending bigger lines
  • Extended travel and relocated links push into all-mountain territory
  • Boost rear thru-axle increases stiffness and tire clearance
  • Santa Cruz Bicycles remains a consistent leader in industry innovation


  • The 5010 may be the “baby brother” to the Bronson but what it lacks in travel, it more than makes up for in fun factor. The 130mm VPP chassis is super agile, poppie and lively which makes any ride very, very fun.
  • The 5010 Alloy frame is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a fun, agile UK trail bike that pops and springs into action on every pedal turn and puts a huge smile on your face, every ride. This lively characteristic is unique to the 5010 which has the right balance of suspension travel and geometry to tackle any trail centre, epic backcountry mission or local trail. This bike really is the perfect UK trail bike. More gnarly rides/tracks could still be tackled with the 5010 though, but there’s no long travel safety net like you get with the Bronson or Nomad.

SANTA CRUZ Bronson 2.1CC

  • Comprehensive all-suspension bike Santa Cruz Bronson CC 2017 black and blue for enduro practice. Innovative geometry combined with high-quality carbon fiber make this frame the best in the world in its class.
    A very comfortable and powerful bike absolutely everywhere ! The lightness of the assembly is harmonious and allows a perfect balance between the back and the front of the bike in the ascending and descending phases, thus it allows a greater effort management. The design of this Bronson C blue and orange is simply sublime thanks to a mixture of shapes rounded while sobriety.
    The signature Santa Cruz is distinguished here by the shape of the frame while finess at the level of the base and suspension without sacrificing ergonomics.
    The Bronson CC has an outstanding performance thanks to the carbon fiber frame and its technical characteristics. The vertical and horizontal stiffness allows the suspension to work properly without disturbing the pedaling, otherwise the steering will be much better and more precise than ever.