5 Night Cycling Safety Tips

Photo by: @m.anq_ (Instagram)

Many people cycle at night due to many reasons. It could be because of their busy schedules, to avoid the heat of day or it could be just their personal preference. However, it can be hazardous for the cyclist if certain precautions are not taken. In this article, we will be covering 5 tips on how to cycle safely at night.  

1. Bike Lights

First off, have flashing bike lights attached to the front and back of your bicycle. Make sure that your bike light batteries are full, so that it will not become dim or it switches off mid way through your bike ride. With ankle lights added, you will be pretty much visible to other road users from all directions. 

2. Bright Clothing And Reflective Gear

Make sure to wear clothes that are bright in color. However, wearing brightly colored clothing is not enough. so it's best to add on reflective gear too. Make sure that your bike, helmet or even clothing have reflective gear. When riding out on the road at night, do not assume others will be able to see you. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

3. Do Not Ride Against Traffic

Unlike running, a runner runs against traffic so that they can see oncoming traffic and avoid it. However, when cycling, we should ride in the direction of traffic as a bicycle travels much faster. This way we will not surprise a driver and there is more time for them to avoid us too. 

4. Make Sure Your Bike Is In Tip Top Condition

This is so to avoid your need to stop by the side of a road due to the bike breaking down. Although the cyclist might be visible due to their reflective gear and bright colored clothing, it is difficult for motorists to judge the distance between a stationary and moving object and that can result in a fatal accident. 

5. Ride On Familiar Routes

It is best to cycle on familiar routes at night as this can decrease accidents. This way, dangerous intersections, large potholes etc. which can be a danger to cyclists, will not take you by surprise, especially in the dark where it might not be visible immediately. 

It is a joy to cycle at night but please do not skimp on the necessary safety precautions. Stay alert, be wary of your surroundings and follow the safety tips provided to stay safe while cycling at night.