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Make payments easier and more affordable with 3x split payments, 0% interest. 

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1) Can I use debit card to pay?
Yes, Both debit and credit cards are accepted payment methods for Buy Now, Pay Later on Atome. Making it more easier and affordable for everyone to make installment purchases both online & offline!

2) Do I need to pay a fee for using Buy Now, Pay Later on Atome?
No. Atome is a free service. There is no hidden charges or interest for using Buy Now, Pay Later provided that you pay all your installments on time.

3) What are the late payment interest fees?
If you miss an installment payment, you will be charged with an administration fee of RM50 after the second day. If you still didn't manage to pay the installments within 7 days, you will be charged an additional RM25. Plus, your account may be frozen until the outstanding balance has been cleared.

4) Am I eligible to use Buy Now, Pay Later on Atome?
To be eligible for the Atome service, you must:
✓ To use the service, you must:
✓ Be at least 18 years of age
✓ Currently reside in Malaysia
✓ Have a mobile phone number registered under your MyKad with your telco
✓ Own a credit or debit card that will be used to pay for your purchases on Atome

5) What's the spending limit for debit/credit card?
Debit card spending limit cap : RM1,500
Credit card spending limit cap : RM5,000

6) Does Atome protect my personal information?
Yes, Atome is a registered and regulated company in Singapore. Shopping with Atome is a safe and secure shopping experience. Find out more about how Atome protects your personal information in the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

7) Where can I learn more about Atome?
For more information on Atome, please visit their website at If you have any further questions regarding their services, please email them at