5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Folding Bike

Now that the restrictions to exercise outdoors is lifted, for those who do not have bicycles or already have a bike but want to change to another one, you should check out folding bikes! In this post, we've compiled 5 very good reasons as to why you should own a folding bike. 

1. Portable and Convenient

Want to cycle away from your usual haunts but it is a car ride away? That isn't a problem at all if you own a folding bike. Just pack it up and stow in inside your car! Want to take a ride on the train with your bike, that isn't a problem at all too. Just fold it up and carry it into the train. Folding bikes are small enough to sometimes not be noticeable by others. 

It is especially convenient too for owners of folding bikes as folding bikes help save space in their accommodations. After folding the bicycle, it is small enough to be kept in a corner. 

2. Ease of Use

Some might think a folding bike troublesome when they have to learn how to fold or unfold the bike. However, it is not hard to learn the process and then it quickly becomes a part of your muscle memory. Before you know it, you will be folding and unfolding it in just mere seconds. 

3.  Get Fit

Cycling can be a fun way to make ourselves fitter. However, it can be even more fun when using a folding bike due to its' portability and ease of use. 

If your workplace is close by, it is easy to stow it away at the workplace too. What better way to get fit than cycling to work! 

4. Speedy

Due to how its' wheels are smaller than a normal bicycle, over a long distance, the folding bike will be outpaced by the full sized bikes. However, while accelerating off, you'll be sure to zoom off much more quickly than the full sized bike. 

This is due to the folding bikes smaller wheels where it takes less effort to get it going fast.  

5. Hold It's Value in The Secondhand Market

Folding bikes have a high resale value! So it is quite the investment when buying a folding bike as you won't lose too much money when selling it off if you do decide to go live on a boat. 


If you are looking to buy one, check out our store to browse through the selection of folding bikes that we have!