Choosing a Mountain Bike For Beginners

It can be a daunting task when exploring a new interest. The amount and sudden influx of new information from researching on the topic of interest, can certainly make a person's head spin. In this article we will be providing beginners, a few tips on why you should get a hardtail mountain bike. 

In case you are wondering what is a hardtail mountain bike, they are mountain bikes with only suspension at the front of the bike. 

Without further ado, the benefits of getting a hardtail as your first mountain bike are......

1. Lighter In Weight

In general, despite material used to build the bike, hardtail bikes are generally lighter than full-suspension models. Although there is plenty of riding to do with your new mountain bike, there will also be plenty of carrying too. You may have to carry the bike to put it into your car or lift it over obstacles while out on the trail. With a lighter bike, you will have a smoother and a more enjoyable experience while exploring your new found hobby. 

2. Better Efficiency 

Compared to full-suspension mountain bikes, you will save more energy when cycling on a hardtail mountain bike. This is so as the extra suspension in a full-suspension mountain bike will absorb part of the power that is produced from your legs, unlike a hardtail that lacks a rear suspension where the rear is rigid. You will definitely reap the benefits of a hardtail too when cycling uphill as it will take you less effort compared to someone using a full-suspension bike. 

3. Affordability

If you are mountain biking casually, new to the sport or you just don't want to spend a ton of money on a new bike, a hardtail will be perfect for you. In general, hardtail bikes are cheaper than full-suspension bikes as with a hardtail, you will not need to pay for the extra suspension in the rear. Although cheaper than the full-suspension ones, performance and handling of hardtail bikes are great too. So do not let the cheaper price deter you from getting your mitts on a hardtail bike. 

4. Cheaper Maintenance Costs

Due to how hardtail bikes have fewer moving parts, they are easier to maintain as they have fewer parts to replace from wear and tear. This also equals to you spending less too when you spend on upkeep for your hardtail bike. 

5. Easier To Learn On

You will have more control of your bike due to the absence of the suspension in the rear wheel. Learning to balance the bike when riding over tree roots, rocky trails and body control skills will be easier for you and at times, even seasoned riders will switch to a hardtail temporarily to fine tune the their MTB riding skills. 


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