Cycling Safety Tips While Out On The Road

When it comes to safety while cycling on the road, many are already aware of it, however, there are also those who are ignorant. So we at KSH thought it would be a good idea to give a gentle reminder about ways we can keep ourselves and other road users safe while cycling on the road.

1. Use a Bike That Fits You And Prep Your Ride 

Make sure that the brakes and chain of your bicycle are in good working condition. Your legs also should be almost straight when your foot is flat on the pedal while you are seated, so make sure that your seat is adjusted to the correct height. Last but not least, make sure that your tires are inflated too. 

2. Wear a bicycle helmet that fits properly

In case of an accident while cycling, head injuries can be reduced by up to 85 percent if a proper helmet is worn. 

Wear a helmet where it is level on your head and when the chin strap is buckled, the fitting should be snug and comfortable fit. The helmet should not be able to move about. 

Besides that, do not use 2nd hand helmets or helmets that has cracks, no matter how small the crack is, as it will compromise your safety. 

3. Make sure you are visible

Wear bright clothing or reflective clothing when cycling outdoors. If cycling at night, make sure your lights are on. Make sure you are visible so that other road users can see you clearly.

4. Be distraction free 

While cycling, do not multitask and fiddle with your phone. Stop somewhere if you need to use it. 

Do not use earphones too and listen to music while cycling. It is hazardous for you as you will not be able to hear oncoming traffic or if others are trying to warn you of potential danger. If you have to use earphones, just use one side of it. 

5. Be mindful of other road users

When cycling, try to keep to the side of the road. Many cyclists tend to think they are cycling fast, as fast as slow moving vehicles (especially in housing areas) and then start to drift to the middle of the road, causing traffic to slow. 

6. Watch for road hazards

Lookout for broken glass, rocks, potholes, animals darting across the road, puddles, etc. while out cycling as all these can easily cause a cyclists to crash.


Now that we are allowed to cycle outdoors, take care and stay safe. Come cycle by and visit our stores too!