Differences Between Dry And Wet Lube For Your Bike Chain

In our previous article we talked about how to keep our bikes clean and in this article, we go a bit more into detail on the topic of lubing your bicycle chain! When using lube, not all lubricants are created equal as different types of lube are to be used during different occasions. We’ll list the differences between the different types of lubricants in short form below so that you don't need to read through lengthy articles about it.

Wet Lube

  • For muddy or wet conditions
  • Can last long on chain
  • A buildup of dirt can be formed easily
  • Don’t need time to dry

Dry Lube

  • For dry conditions
  • Does not last long
  • Water washes it away very easily
  • Takes much longer to dry


  • Works according to its name
  • Mix of dry and wet lube


  • A type of dry lube
  • No oil or grease in it
  • Can provide protection without attracting dirt


  • Wax-based lubricant
  • Lasts longer than standard wax bike chain lube


So, the next time you are planning to lubricate your bicycle chain, just go through this list if you are unsure of what to use!