EKOI AR14 Helmet, Fit For World Tour Pro Cyclists (Available for Pre-Order now)

This week we would like to introduce to you the improved version of the EKOI AR13 which is the EKOI AR14. In the near future, you will be able to find four different versions of the EKOI AR14 in our stores and they are the black, white and black, cofidis and the blue coloured one. 
Weighing slightly lighter than the EKOI AR13, the EKOI AR14 weighs 195g for the S sized (52-54cm) helmet and 210g for the M and L sized (55-58cm) helmet. It is also designed to be more aerodynamic and also more protective (protection against objects like rocks) compared to its' predecessor.  
If you are looking to go pro as a cyclist or you just want to try the gears pros are using, this helmet is for you as the EKOI AR14 is the preferred road helmet for EKOI's world tour pro cycling team. That does not come as a surprise as the EKOI AR14, while designed for road racing and triathlons, the helmet was made with speed in mind. The helmet is often worn at the start of the season during the spring classics and it is worn through the cold or in the rain as it offers more protection compared to a standard helmet. 
Added information for you regarding the helmet, it features 10 vents in total with 6 exhaust vents and cool max foam padding. Regarding how the helmet fits, it has a dial fit system, adjustable and down fit, a magnetic closing buckle and vented straps.
Pre-order online now  and secure your helmet, it is estimated to arrive by end of August 2021. Alternatively, check this out once it is available in-store! 

Ekoï AR14 helmet: https://kshcycles.com.my/collections/ekoi/products/ekoi-ar14-4-colours 
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