Ekoi Premium 70 Sunglasses (Available for Pre-Order Now)

In our previous blog post, we covered a few reasons why we should wear sunglasses when we cycle outdoors. Now we would like to introduce to you quality cycling sunglasses that you can trust to protect your eyes with while you are out cycling. 

This is the Ekoi Premium 70 sunglasses that is only available for pre-order on our website and you can choose from six different colours. 

This pair of cycling sunglasses is great for Malaysian weather (as summer is an all year round affair for us) as the maker categorizes this as a pair of sunglasses to wear in the middle of summer, to protect your eyes from bright light. The plus point would be the wraparound sunglasses are made from polycarbonate so you can trust it to protect your eyes fully (even from the sides!) from UV rays as polycarbonate provides a 100% protection from it. Besides that, your eyes will be well protected against any kind of debris such as stone, branches, dirt, etc. as polycarbonate is impact resistant.

Besides the sunglasses being 29 grams only, the Ekoi Premium 70 sunglasses features six ventilation points to promote airflow and prevent fogging. This will definitely come in handy as Malaysia can be quite humid at times due to our country being a tropical one. Besides that, it has adjustable tips for optimal support at the back of the head and it has an adjustable nose bridge for support on your face. 

If you are short or long sighted, do not fret as these sunglasses are compatible with optical inserts. 

Pre-order online now and secure your Sunglasses, it is estimated to arrive by end of August 2021. Alternatively, check this out once it is available in-store! 

Ekoï Premium 70 Sunglasses: https://kshcycles.com.my/collections/ekoi/products/ekoi-premium-70-sunglasses
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