What Type Of Shoes To Wear For Flat Pedal Mountain Bikes?

Some might wonder what the term flat pedal mountain bikes mean. It is just a reference to the type of pedals used on a mountain bike. Flat pedals are just a platform for each foot and they are double-sided, so it is fine to have any side face up. Strategically placed pins are found on flat pedals too to provide a bit of an extra grip. 

The larger the surface of the pedal's platform, the bigger the area you will have to put your foot on. As flat pedals allow our feet to move as we please, it is preferred by some, especially those that ride on technical terrain.  

Moving forward, some might wonder, what kind of shoes should they wear when cycling on flat pedal mountain bikes? 

Well, the biggest advantage of flat pedals is, you don't need special shoes to ride! However, flat pedal shoes made specifically for mountain biking will definitely have a greater advantage compared to using a typical pair of shoes used for running. 

First, make sure the flat pedal mountain bike shoes you are getting fits your feet perfectly. When trying the shoes, wear the socks you would wear when biking to make sure your feet will fit perfectly. Do not settle on a pair that is 'good enough' as even a small discomfort can prove a hindrance during a long bike ride. 

Beside flat pedal shoes being stiffer than your normal sport shoes, they have soles that are flat and this is so that it can maximize the contact area with the pedal. Besides that, the rubber on the shoes will be stickier than those found on normal shoes. Also, you'd want to check and make sure that your shoes have good insoles too.

So, when you want to get a pair of flat pedal mountain bike shoes, make sure it has all the points stated up above and you are good to go!