Tips On How To Maintain Your Bicycle Helmet & When To Replace It


Maintaining Your Bicycle Helmet

As we all know, it is of great importance to wear helmets when we are out cycling. Besides that, it is of equal importance to maintain it in tip top condition so that in the event of an accident, our heads are well protected.  

Tip 1

Do not store your helmet in a place where heat can accumulate. Places such as a store room, car boot, in the car in general (especially when it is parked outdoors) , etc. Doing so can damage the integrity of the helmet and foam used to protect your head when there is an impact.

Tip 2

It is best to not lend your helmet to others as you need to know how it was exactly used during its' lifespan. When you lend your helmet to others, they may not take proper care of your helmet before returning it to you. During the event of an accident, your helmet may have already been damaged by others and it will not be able to do its' job of protecting your head properly. 

Tip 3

Due to hygiene purposes, it is most important to keep your helmet clean after using it. When you clean your helmet, do not use chemical solvents (as it can weaken parts of the helmet) and use only mild soap. Use a sponge and rub it clean. 

When To Replace Your Bicycle Helmet

  1. While washing your helmet, do a quick check of your helmet (inside out) to see if there is anything that resembles a crack. If there is, try pulling it apart, and if it widens, that definitely is a crack. Change your helmet immediately even if the crack is small.

  2. Bicycle helmets are designed to absorb just one impact. So, if you fell and hit your helmet, for your next ride, change to a new one. 

  3. If you have not been involved in a single crash, that is great news! However, do consider changing your helmet once every five years as UV rays, the weather and even pollution can cause a helmet to degrade and cause key components of the helmet to weaken. 

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