KSH Bicycle's Gift Card

We bring you good news! Have you ever had trouble trying to decide what you wanted to get someone on a special occasion? Now, you have no need to worry about that as we have launched our very own gift cards. 

Now you can get your loved ones our gift cards and let them make the decision on what they want to get for themselves. You can get it in different denominations such as RM50, RM100, RM200, RM500, RM1000 and RM2000. 

Once you have bought the gift card, a unique code will be sent to you. All you need to do when making a purchase, is enter the unique code when checking out and don't worry, the unique code is not case sensitive. 

With the gift card, the user does not need to spend it all in one transaction as it can be used over multiple transactions (however, users are not able to choose the amount to be spent).

If the price of the item ordered by the user exceeds the balance available on the gift card, the user will then be prompted to choose a second payment method to pay for the remaining balance before placing an order.

Something to take note off, the gift card can only be used online. So don't wait any longer and get one and gift it to someone! It's easy, convenient and time saving too as everything is online!