Lose Weight With Cycling!

I assume it is safe to say that many people have been 'hibernating' during the MCO, where being active was not a part of our daily routine. Due to that, many of us most probably have put on a couple extra kilos...... *ahem* I mean grams. Well, either way, most people will be looking for ways to shed the extra fluff. So, why not do it by doing something fun like cycling? 

Cycling is definitely an enjoyable activity where one can choose to do it indoors or outdoors. Of course doing it outdoors is arguably more fun, especially when doing it with others! If you still need convincing continue to read on as we give you a few reasons on how and why cycling can help you lose weight. 

The first would be how cycling is a great form of cardio and it helps build muscle mass. Depending on the intensity of the cycling session, just an hour of cycling can burn 400 to 1000 calories. If the intensity is great enough and you are burning a 1000 calories (one can potentially burn more than that), that will be equivalent to burning off 4.6 Big Mac burgers from Mcdonalds! 

Pedaling along at a gentle pace would probably not benefit your goal in losing weight. However, if you increase the intensity, the easier and faster it will be for you to achieve your weight loss goal. 

The general rule of thumb would be the faster and harder you cycle, the more calories will be burned. This is due to more energy being expended. More energy used would equal to more body fat burned. 

Besides that, cycling can help you build muscle mass in the glutes, hamstring, quads and calves too. The benefits of having more muscle mass include burning more calories when sedentary! Who wouldn't want to have their bodies burn calories while sitting and watching their favorite television show. 

Cycling is a sport that can be easily practiced by anyone. We just need to have a bike and we can take it out for a spin. The best part is, we do not have to cycle alone. It can be done with your friend, spouse, your child and even your pet! I've seen a person cycle while holding a leash with the dog running along. However, I don't think that is advisable. 

Anyway, it is good practice to cycle with someone especially if one lacks the motivation or discipline to cycle regularly on their own. With someone tagging along, the 'partner in crime' can hold you accountable or motivate you to achieve your weight loss goals. Besides, many people find it easier to do things with others than alone. 

So, grab your bike and head out to cycle, to achieve your weight loss goals or just to keep yourself fit. If you do not have a bike, come check out our range of bicycles. You want something flashy, sporty, a mountain bike, a roadbike, a child's push bike, you name it, we'll have it! We have something for everyone.