Peanut Butter and Jelly Rolls For Your Next Ride

As you cycle, you will need nourishment for the road to replenish your energy. You'll then need to bring along food items that are not bulky, but yet jam packed with the necessary nutrients to keep you going. So, let us introduce you to the peanut butter and jelly roll!

Actually it is just peanut butter and jelly on bread. However, you can roll it up to make it more compact or you can squish and squash it into your desired shape, so that it is easy for you to pack it into your pocket. 

Do not underestimate the lowly peanut butter and jelly bread. We decided to feature it in this blog as we wanted to remind you that it is cheap, easy to make and it is also chock full of the necessary nutrients for cycling. 

The humble peanut butter and jelly bread consists of the perfect trinity, which is protein, fat and sugar. All which are needed to help provide you with energy, build and maintain your muscle mass too. 

For now you can enjoy it at home, but don't forget to bring it along with you for your ride after the FMCO!