More Than One Good Reason To Wear Sunglasses When You Ride

Some wear sunglasses to look good (some may count this as a legitimate reason) but most wear them to shade their eyes from the sun. When you cycle outdoors, you are exposed to the elements such as the bright rays from the sun. Imagine this, as you cycle on a particularly sunny day, you are blinded by the sun and because of that, you cannot see what is ahead of you properly. However, being blinded by the sun, is just one part of the problem as the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are also harmful, as it increases the risk of certain types of cataracts. So it is imperative to wear sunglasses, especially when you are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. 

Besides that, for the sunglasses to be effective in protecting your eyes from UV rays, it is best if the lenses are made from polycarbonate. This is due to how polycarbonate lenses absorbs 100% UV rays, even if the lenses are clear polycarbonate lenses. In cheap sunglasses, a material called triacetate is used and this material only absorbs 40% of the UV rays. While for uncoated plastic sunglasses, the lenses can block about 88% of the UV rays. 

Just to let you in on a fun fact, the material polycarbonate is a similar type of plastic to Plexiglas that keeps bank tellers safe behind the counter as polycarbonate is impact resistant, however it is not shatterproof. So, wearing sunglasses that are made from polycarbonate can not only protect your eyes from UV rays but also from any kinds of particles that may enter your eye while you are cycling and keeping your eyes on the road. Particles such as dirt, dust, water from puddles and even more dangerous, it can be tiny pieces of metal. 

So, choose your cycling sunglasses carefully as it can break or make your cycling experience in the long run. 

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