Ride Concepts Men's Live Wire

Looking for a pair of shoes for mountain biking? Look no further and come check out the Ride Concepts Men's Livewire. In the previous blog post, we covered what to look for in a pair of shoes for flat pedal mountain bikes. Things to look out for such as grip, fitting, the soles, insoles etc. Well, the Livewire covers it all! 

As stated in the description of their website, "the ultimate every day, wear-everywhere bike shoe", it is a do it all kind of pair of shoes for mountain biking. 

Besides it looking great. featured on the Livewire is the Rubber Kinetics DST 6.0 HIGH GRIP rubber and it provides the optimum combination of grip and durability. The upper portion of the shoes are made from a synthetic breathable anti-abrasion mesh and the toe and heel protection are custom molded. The supportive midsole of the shoes features D30 impact absorbing technology for additional comfort as you speed along the trail and also EVA for pedaling efficiency. Besides that, it uses an elastic lace tuck system so there is no need to fear whether the laces will get caught on anything while biking. 

Safety, traction, comfort and durability, what more can we ask for from a pair of good shoes?

Come check them out on our website!