Should You Cycle In Groups Even When The Government Has Said Yes To Cycling?

Photo from Instagram: @m.anq

The answer to the title is a big fat no! Although the government has stated that we are now allowed to cycle, we should only do it individually and not in a group. 

This is so as the number of cases are still constantly rising and the highest number of deaths in a day in Malaysia was a whopping 360 and the accumulated death toll is above 10,000! Some might think that it is not too bad of a figure when it is 'only' 360 people in a day and 10,000 people out of 32.7 million people in Malaysia. However, we should not think of the number of deaths as just a figure, but as individual people that had careers, families, friends, hobbies etc. They are normal people that died, possibly unnecessarily.

We at KSH implore that you continue to take the utmost precaution, not only when cycling but also when going about your daily activities. Continue to stay a safe distance from others to not only protect yourselves but to also protect others. Also, continue to also keep yourself clean.

May we continue to fight this pandemic together and hopefully we can meet one another soon again, may it be in our stores or when out cycling together.