Stay Home, Stay Safe and Delivery during Lockdown

As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Malaysia despite the lockdown, we from KSH Bicycles would like to urge you to continue to stay home.

If you are out for a walk for some fresh air or to exercise, please do not engage with others. Do not take the opportunity to meet up with your friends or relatives nearby and risk spreading whatever you both might potentially have to one another. Even if you are strong enough to withstand the virus, the next person who contracts it might not be. 

Even if you are vaccinated, continue to avoid contact with others, as there are those who have not been vaccinated yet. This is so as you can still infect others with COVID-19. 

If it is within your means, help those in need. If you can, volunteer your time to help as a frontliner. If you are in need of help, please do reach out for help. There are many individuals and organizations that can provide help and there is no shame in asking for help as everyone has their ups and downs in life. May we Malaysians stand shoulder to shoulder, for the people and for the country.

When it comes to your bicycle needs, please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you, just send us a message and we’ll try our best to help from our end, maybe you need some spare parts, accessories or even bikes from us, we will deliver it to you for free (West Malaysia). Stay home and stay safe, and till we can all ride together again!