GEOMETRIC The Local Brand Which You Might Not Have Heard Off


Many do not know this but Geometric, is a local bicycle brand of Malaysia! Another surprise for many would be how it was actually established in 2017 and has already sold 50000 bicycles and accessories across multiple countries. Countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Selling only high quality bicycles and accessories, it has been the pride of Geometric to provide only the best for their customers. 

Check out Geometric's range of products that caters to both adults and children alike on our website! There are balance bikes, scooters, bikes, road bikes etc. for children. For the adults, check out their range of road bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes and accessories that you will need for your riding experience. The best part is, it is sold at an affordable price as it is a local brand! So support and shop local as it benefits both the local businesses and also your wallet!

So head to our online store to check out our selection of Geometric products that will surely pique your attention.