Tips On How To Prevent Your Bicycle From Corroding

Due to the FMCO, we have not been able to cycle for sometime. So understandably, till the day when light can once again shine upon our bicycles, they are now packed away, put on display or left in a corner to gather dust.

However, if our bicycles are not kept properly, especially for long periods of time, parts of the bicycle can corrode. Metal parts will rust, plastic bits will become brittle, the colours might fade and we will then have to spend extra money for maintenance of the bicycle. 

So we at KSH Bicycles thought it would be a good idea to offer you some tips on how you can keep your bicycle in "shape".

TIP #1

Clean your bicycle after every ride. So if you have not cleaned your bike since the last time you rode it (which would be before the FMCO and that is a long time ago!), please clean all the exposed parts. Rub the dirt off (as the dirt can collect moisture) and dry the parts that are wet. 

TIP #2

Do not keep your bicycle exposed out in the sun. Leaving your bicycle out in the sun for long periods of time will cause the plastics bits to become brittle. 

TIP #3

When not in use, always cover your bike. Before you store your bicycle away, make sure that it is clean and dry (it is also to make sure that wherever you keep your bicycle, the area will not be dirtied by your bike). Make sure to keep your bicycle in a place that is dry too. If you have to leave your bicycle outside in the garden due to the lack of space indoors, make sure to have it covered by a plastic sheet (which you can get from the hardware store). 

TIP #4

If there is rust already forming on the metal parts of your bicycle, you can use wet sandpaper to sand the rust away. Please make sure to use sandpaper that has a grit of 500 and above as you might accidentally damage your bicycle. You can use WD-40 to help clean the rust away too. The last part would be to polish or apply paint to touch up the affected area.