What Are Aero Bikes?

As the name of the bike suggests, aero stands for aerodynamic. Aerodynamic bikes are built to reduce drag and made to cut through wind like how a hot knife will slice through soft butter. Back in the day, to build a faster bike, it meant cutting down its' weight. However, thanks to the advancement of technology and science, the design of the frame of the bike is taken into consideration as well. This is due to how it was found that cycling at around 21kph, wind resistance becomes a very important factor and a bike that is aerodynamically shaped can help increase the speed of the cyclist. 

Cables on an aero bike are a rare sight as it is hidden in the frame of the bike. Brakes too are hidden and tube profiles of the bike are long, thick and shaped with a tapered leading edge and sculpted tail. 

Beside the bike, being aerodynamic to help combat the problem of wind resistance. Bike riders also contribute to air resistance as much as 75%! So bike riders should not wear loose clothing that can be caught in the wind and seating position should be low too. 

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