Why Wear Gloves While Cycling?

For the casual or cycling enthusiast, the first thing that comes to mind when getting ready to cycle is to get the bike, helmet (some don't wear a helmet but please start wearing one when you're out cycling. It's for your own safety.) and to wear proper attire which often exclude gloves. Many cyclists (even professional cyclists) opt not to wear gloves while cycling due to various reasons. However, wearing gloves has it pros. 

We are in Malaysia and it is a tropical country. It gets rather hot and humid which causes us to sweat even when we are not doing anything. While cycling, the cyclists will be drenched in sweat and it can cause the cyclists grip to slip. With gloves, it can help prevent that as it soaks up the sweat, which will allow the cyclists to maintain a safe grip on the handlebars. 

Aside from that, it's a great tool to use to wipe sweat off your face. As you cycle, you won't be able to use your sleeve to wipe, nothing else at hand will be able to absorb and wick sweat off your face, except for the pair off gloves on your hands. It is a handy thing to have to be able to quickly wipe sweat off our faces with the back of our gloves as we cycle along. 

Other than that, gloves also offers a bit of extra protection if you get into a crash. Usually in an accident, the first thing a person will do due to reflexes would be to stick their hands out to cushion their fall. With the gloves on, there will be an added layer of protection to prevent cuts and grazes on our hands. 

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