Yoga and Cycling Can Go Hand in Hand

Annnnnnd we are still stuck at home. The number of Covid cases are still on the rise despite the lockdown, so it will mean that we will not be cycling for a long time more. Well that does not mean you should stop training! We can always use other methods to train such as yoga, as mentioned in the title above. 

How yoga can be beneficial for cycling

(*youtube links to yoga workouts are provided below for you to follow along to)

When yoga is mentioned, there is the impression that yoga is not intense and it is only done for stretching or recovery purposes. However, that is far from the truth as it can be used by cyclists to build power, speed and endurance.  

Cycling long distances requires the cyclists to be bent over in the same position for long periods of time. To prevent the upper body from feeling stiff and tight from all the cycling, you can incorporate yoga into your daily routine to help with your flexibility ( Besides your flexibility, stretching can also help speed up your rate of recovery. 

Other than that, for a cyclist, strengthening the core is of paramount importance as it can help reduce lower back pain and also strengthen the muscles that support the spine. Strengthening the muscles along the spine will help with the cyclists posture. (

This might be a surprise to some, but depending on the type of yoga done, such as cardio yoga (, it can help build and improve ones cardio. Although cycling will be more intense as a cardiovascular exercise but since some places are under the EMCO, where they are under the full lockdown and they cannot leave the house at all, cardio yoga can be an alternative to maintain or improve on ones cardiovascular endurance.

So do continue to train at home and please stay safe. Together we will endure through these trying times and we will see you soon.